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I'll Come To You

This is usually the most convenient method when multiple people from your office need a headshot. I simply need a minimum of a 10×15 foot space to set up my portable studio.

  • If one additional person books from your workplace receive a free Colectivo Joe-to-GO container of coffee (serves 12) delivered to your workplace compliments of Mad Portraits. 
  • Special rates apply when 6 or more people book.


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You Can Come to Me

Schedule your session at Mad Portrait Studio. Located off the Beltline Hwy.


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Consumers have never had more options to choose who they would like to do business with then they do today. If they decide to do business with you, it’s because they chose you for who You are. That starts with the first impression. Today, first impressions happen before physically meeting and interacting. When someone is thinking of working with you, they will first search for you on the internet and then create an opinion based upon the body language and expression in the picture of you. This can be a strategic advantage if you choose to control your image by hiring a professional. In this market, You are the brand. A business owner/ professional really just needs one solid photo to effectively brand themselves online, print media, etc which gives you a lot for your money!!! 

  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Facebook Business Profiles
  • Sales Professionals
  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Speakers
  • Management
  • Experts 
  • Video Conferencing Profiles


  1. People will look for you first on the internet and judge you based on your appearance.
  2. If you have a marketing piece and you would like to send a clear visual message.
  3. Increases employee morale and confidence
  4. Employees will feel valued that you invested in their professionalism
  5. Employees can use their image for multiple purposes
  6. Portrays a polished and professional company image
  7. Ensures that your company is portrayed well for publication purposes
  8. Creates good first impression for potential clients
  9. Ensures consistent imagery for your website and publications
  10. Puts a face to a name and can create familiarity when meeting in person
  11. Creates the image of staff authority
  12. Updates your visual brand
  13. Puts a face to your business
  14. Ideal for: LinkedIn profiles, email profiles, website directories, print and web publications, ID badges, professional biographies, business cards, and annual reports
  15. Enhances biography page
  16. Keeps You up to date
  17. Enhances identity and networking



1. Once it’s settled, indeed you need a headshot, then fill out the “Book Your Session” form.

2. You will receive confirmation that we received your form along with a “Customize Your Headshot” form that will be used to ensure the proper style of the headshot session is designed.

Pre Headshot Session

You will receive custom prepping guides and articles to help you practice for the shoot. Have you ever heard of a smize? 

Day of the Headshot Session

The Day of your headshot is a normal day. ? The Headshot is quick and fun. By now, you have all of the prep material you need to be confident and in control of your own image.